Don’t Let The Brown Get You Down


The Oscar winning actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, died of a heroin overdose this week.

He was found dead by a friend in his New York apartment with up to 70 bags of heroin and other drugs around him.

He was an incredibly talented actor with a list of mesmerising roles behind him.

All of these are relevant stories about a man who brought so much to his craft, but they’re not THE story. I’m sure those of you who watched him in ‘The Master’ or ‘Synecdoche, NY’ will believe THE story is about the power of his performances or his uncanny ability to own every film he was in no matter how small the role. I am certain that some feel THE story will be the world paying tribute to Mr. Hoffman for his raw talent. There may be some of you who feel THE story should be about drug use in Hollywood and the deaths of other actors like Heath Ledger or Pauly Shore and their addictions. This is not THE story. None of these are THE story. Do you want to know what THE story is?

Philip Seymour Hoffman looked pasty and drawn for his last photo opportunity

I mean what kind of self serving celebrity doesn’t bring their A-Game to every red carpet photo opp? It doesn’t matter if you’ve just vaginally shat out triplets and are suffering with severe post natal depression, you still make sure you look good for the cameras darling. It doesn’t matter if breast-feeding has left your nipples looking like someone tried to poach, scramble and fry two eggs and then regurgitated them onto someone’s fist, you still wear a designer outfit and strut. It doesn’t matter if you’re Nick Nolte, you still get someone to put you in a suit and smile for the paparazzi cause it’s your job.

What’s worse is this was his last photoshoot ever (apart from all the one’s we get of the coffin and the headstone in a few weeks but I don’t think it will be an open casket) so you’d think Mr. Hoffman would have made a bit more effort. I mean if he was so high on drugs shouldn’t he be smiling and waving his hand in front of his face to see the trails and putting ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ on a portable turntable?

Isn’t heroin fun? Shouldn’t he have looked like this?

Give Us A Smile If It's Your Last (Flickr/JamieMoffett)
Give Us A Smile If It’s Your Last (Flickr/JamieMoffett)

Just look at the photos on the Daily Mail website and ask yourself wouldn’t it have been nicer for everybody mourning if he’d just cracked a smile? I mean the one’s of him in the Olive Green cardigan are upsetting and a bit dour but then there’s one which looks like someone took a picture of him and then screwed it up and threw it in the bin only to find out he died and they needed a few more snaps to sell. Why is it all crinkled and blurry like that? Poor guy didn’t even get a decent photographer for his final shoot, I hear Terry Richardson is really good at coaxing out the inner beauty of addicts. Why didn’t someone make sure Philip Seymour Hoffman had access to Terry Richardson instead of heroin? Why didn’t someone explain to Philip Seymour Hoffman that passion and ability mean nothing without a good stylist, a sharp suit and an exploitative photographer? Did nobody at Sundance give him some of those special celebrity eye-drops which dry out your eyeballs so you don’t look like your crying on camera? Did none of his friends, family or co-stars have an intervention about that straggly beard? Our heart goes out to him and his lack of fashion sense.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman – Rest In Photogenicness

In tribute to the Oscar winning actor here are a few of the loving comments from Mail Online in response to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing;

Should Terry Richardson have taken Philip Seymour Hoffman's Final Portrait? (Flickr/DOSOMETHINGSTUDIO)
Should Terry Richardson have taken Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Final Portrait? (Flickr/DOSOMETHINGSTUDIO)

“Selfish Way Out” Lawyer, Alwoodley Leeds

“I’m sorry, why should I care?” Yarply Twelve, Tn US

“Frankly my dear, I don;t want to look at a coward” Taff, Wales

“I don’t wish to be uncaring but I’ve never heard of him” Nick, Sumware UK

“He wasn’t that healthy. Shocker” Ian, Ilford UK

“He did look awful.” Sophia, Notts

“A very selfish act by a man who had it all” holinfl, Florida

“This is the face of fame” Avon Lady, Lancaster

“Learn to read” Menyr, UK

“Who?” Markus89, Manchester UK


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