BIGOT BREAK! Sorry Minorities, It’s OK To Like Chalkie White


Do you remember this?

That Clown's Going Down (Flickr / Marksmanuk)
This Clown’s Going Down (Flickr / Marksmanuk)

How about this?

Operation Yewtree’s Latest MugShot (Flickr / Richard Cawood)

If you do, chances are that most of your childhood dreams are shattered anyway and you’re now a shallow husk who works out their day in a maelstrom of pain and hatred to all of those around you. You hate animals now because everytime you see a cute kitten video on The Youtube, you hear the Animal Hospital theme tune. You hate art and creative endeavors because everytime you think of picking up a brush you’re confronted with Rolf Harris’ gurning face. You hate being charitable or liking music because of the post Saville-Gate connotations and the thought that your favourite singer from a Welsh rock band could be a baby rapist! Nothing is sacred. The 80’s & 90’s have been torched and all that’s left is a generation of men and women with blood and maybe more on their hands. Are we to blame? Has all hope been lost for all of us who gunged over Crinkley Bottom?

NO! Have no fear everyone, a slither of hope has arisen from the paedophilic cesspool of British Culture of our generation. A shining no nonse-sense phoenix has arisen from the ashes of controversy to bring light to this fine country again.

Snookering You Tonight, Bigot Break! (Flickr/ the justified sinner)
Snookering You Tonight, Bigot Break! (Flickr/ the justified sinner)

Jim Davidson might be a racist.

Jim Davidson might refuse entry to disabled people at his gigs or the Olympics.

Mr ‘Nick Nick’ himself might think women’s hands are merely fleshy urinals for him to piss in.

The Big Break star might be a horribly homophobic presenter who should have lost his celebrity status decades ago.

The cheeky chappy might find rape a laughing matter and look like a potato in drag.

Jim Davidson may hate Paul Daniels with a vengeance.

Jim Davidson might be all of these things, but he is not a paedophile. He missed out on Celebrity Big Brother last year because he was under investigation by the Saville posse, Operation Yewtree, but has since been told he will face no further action. Since then he’s gone on to win not just the 2014 installment of the hit Channel 5 show but also it seems, the heart of our nation. Frankly it seems all The Daily Mail’s dreams are coming true as now the 35 Romanians who’ve come to steal our jobs this year will truly see the face of our country in all it’s spud-a-like glory. Thank goodness we’ve been able to realise what crimes truly matter in this day and age, maybe now as a country we can begin to heal and move forward to an indigenous Britain again? Just remember to make Britain great again, all together;


Have fun children, it’s election time next year!

[Editor’s Note: At no point in this article are we stating that anyone referenced or pictured is a paedophile or a criminal of any kind unless they’ve been found guilty in a Court of Law.]


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