If there’s someone strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? ‘MarxBusters’!                                                                            A non-fascist woman who thinks for herself, who you gonna call? ‘MarxBusters’!

Are you worried that this country is being overrun with Leftie losers? The Daily Mail is. Are you worried that our fragile, not-to-be-seen-or-heard offspring are being brainwashed by poets and conscientious objectors? The Daily Mail is. Do you feel that this is all the fault of that palace of prissiness, the home of humanism, the bloody BBC!?

Sherlock - Evidence of Marxist BBC (Flickr/GivingNot)
Sherlock – Evidence of Marxist BBC (Flickr/GivingNot)

Recently we uncovered that Sherlock, the hit TV series starring people from The Hobbit, has a strong case of left-of-centre bias and is trying to usurp the Tories for the election in 2015. If you watched the episode you would have seen Rupert Murdoch slandered, characters allowing homeless drug addicts into their street without a Neighbourhood Watch intervening and a 10 minute scene where the heroes kissed pumice stones, listened to folk and tried basket weaving. It was a shock to The Mail that Sherlock didn’t hold a street party to welcome all the Romanians to London offering them Watson’s job and laughing as Una Stubbs died from the cold whilst the immigrants were wrapped in space blankets made from benefits! The BBC love pedophiles remember? (In fact they were kind of like a Pedo Pimp in the 70’s what with Saville, Dave Lee Travis & Rolf Harris all being on their payroll)

Well don’t fear, after a successful campaign last year against Mr Marxist himself, Papa Miliband, the Daily Mail have set up ‘MarxBusters’! Anytime you hear Chris Packham standing up for the rights of a fox, we will out him and his chubby eyes as a Bolshie. Whenever someone cooks a pie that isn’t traditionally British on Great British Bake Off, we will vilify them and their left-wing hate speak! Here are the Daily Mail’s Top 5 Bolshevik BBC targets in 2014;

1. The Wombles

Do you remember The Wombles? Those carpet shag, eco-minded, communist squatters!? Did you know that over 85% of those crusty clots in masks at Occupy London watched The Wombles whilst growing up? Look what naive buffoons those Marxist melons were turned into by the BBC. It’s just outrageous that our License Fee goes towards such blatant liberal propaganda.

Tree Hugging Prick from BBC (Flickr/Jessicastjohn)
Tree Hugging Prick from BBC (Flickr/Jessicastjohn)

2. Steven Moffat

The man behind Sherlock and its vile, latitudinarian leanings. The man behind Dr. Who and the disappointing series where he promised the Doctor was dead and then retconned it really poorly. The man who wrote Coupling and has that weird kind of hair like Norman Osborne which makes him look like he’s trying to be sympathetic to people. He also wrote Chalk, I know someone who was in Chalk and they had dreadlocks and have stepped foot in Africa!

Moffat Laughing At Dead Soldiers Probably (Flickr/ zeropuntosedici)
Moffat Laughing At Dead Soldiers Probably (Flickr/ zeropuntosedici)

3.  Jeremy Paxman

Sam The Eagle himself. A man who knows about classical music and speaks out against Michael Gove. A man who has had a beard and conversed with Russell Brand. A man who worked for the BBC throughout the 1970’s, hmmm?

Paxman: Reasonable, Rational, Left-Wing (Flickr /jonathanmcintosh)
Paxman: Reasonable, Rational, Left-Wing (Flickr /jonathanmcintosh)

4. Barney Harwood

‘Blue Peter’. ‘Prank Patrol’. The terribly named ‘Hider in the House’. All of these things show a left-wing protege in the making. In the 60’s Blue Peter was about making things, being British and helping people. It seems Harwood and his crew are too liberal for that and so they just float balloons around people’s houses, disturbing the piece and trying to highlight there should be more ethnicity. Don’t worry people Barney is in The Mail’s sights!

Blue Peter's Gone Downhill (Flickr/UniofNotts)
Blue Peter’s Gone Downhill (Flickr/UniofNotts)

5. Doctor Who?

The flagship BBC show has flown under our radar for a while but with Moffat behind the wheel of the Tardis it’s sure to show its true Marxist colours soon. Helping distressed aliens come to Earth, mixing with all manner of non-British people, giving women positions of authority and breaking into a young girl’s house to dip his fishy finger in her custard. There’s a reason it’s been on the BBC for 50 years, it kowtows to every left-wing, pedophiliac  whim the BBC writes into it’s programming agenda. If it was up to the Time-Lord, England would change it’s name to Bucharest 2!

Dr Who Loves Immigrants (Flickr/mninha)
Dr Who Loves Immigrants (Flickr/mninha)

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