Ed Snowden is a prick 2: Back in the habit

I hate to admit it. I think The Daily Mail is changing me.

I’m not the same person I was when I started out on this little adventure.

I find myself contributing to conversations with views that aren’t mine. I’m starting to hate groups of people based on superficial reasoning and yesterday I caught myself daydreaming about shitting on a pigeon. I’m much more hateful now…and it’s only been four days.


Today’s front page brings with it the big story of the moment. It’s an Edward Snowden Rollover Bonus jackpot! The Edward Snowden (lying deviant), The Guardian (liberal drip feed) and The BBC (People that lie about where the birth of Polar Bears actually took place) are all cunts. Together they sold the country you were born in to a bunch of terrorists. YOU. Your country. They have ‘endangered numerous lives‘ says both the Prime Minister and the head of MI5, lives in YOUR COUNTRY. They have endangered YOU.

You should punch all three of them right? Yeah, me too, but I wanna punch them with a knife.

Today it was revealed that the editor of Newsnight and the editor of The Guardian are having all the big sex. Why else would Newsnight not have a go at the Guardian for releasing Edward Snowden’s leaked documents? The documents that are a ‘gift to terrorists‘?

The Prime Minister, Mr. Camerameroon, said it was bad. The Daily Mail said it was bad. But Newsnight ignored it.  The Prime Minister and friends all went to the Gurdian’s office with hammers and The Daily Mail watched it through a telescope. But Newsnight ignored it.

That means that Newsnight is either having sex with the Guardian, or with the terrorists. Or both. Either way, it’s dire fucking straights.

Did I mention that the BBC invented Jimmy Saville? If you like the BBC you’re a peodophile. FACT.

But let’s forget about the front page for a second and look to The Daily Mail’s comment section. The section where things get really self righteous:

‘Forget hacking voicemails or slipping payments to officials for stories that may or may not be in the public interest, Set aside even this paper’s provocative headline 12 days ago, questioning how a long dead marxist, who wanted to smash all the traditions and institutions which make Britain British, could be said to love his country. By any objective yardstick, don’t such crimes and controversies pale beside the accusation leveled against the Guardian on Tuesday by the new head of MI5?

This is the first time I read this paper and felt something. The first time I had a ‘kneejerk reaction’. It wasn’t against The Muslims or peodophiles like The Daily Mail wants. It was against the paper itself.

Reading The Daily Mail is changing me. It’s making me more left.

I’m worried that if I keep this up for a year, I’ll end up as that dude with dreadlocks that married a tree that was about to be cut down.

I understand the Guardian’s point of view, I really do. Countries are spying on their citizen’s electronic communications. According to democratic law a government is supposed to be beholden to its citizens, isn’t it? We rule, don’t we? We have a right to know about what our government is doing (there is also the whole human rights issue but…y’know). We have a right to know about these things and decide whether or not we allow it as ‘free people’.

On the other hand I do not understand hacking into the phones of the families of missing children or the victims of crimes or taking a pop at someone’s dead dad just to sell newspapers. While saying this I completely understand that The Guardian’s ultimate goal also is to sell newspapers, but the NSA and MI5 breaching human rights and hacking the phones of the Mccan family and front-paging the fact that they are sad because Maddie disappeared are very, very different things.

Using one to excuse the other is pretty despicable. So much so that I don’t even want to make a joke in this section. I was always taught that you should never compare yourself to others, or use them to excuse your own behavior. If you must compare yourself to anything, look at yourself yesterday and use every ounce of your power to be better today. It would be good for you to learn that Daily Mail.

Also Gloria Hunniford almost died.


  • Mr. Darcy should have swum naked, there’s no greater joy than skinny dipping. – Quentin Letts commits the weirdest ‘coming out’ I’ve ever seen.
  • The dangers for students addicted to brain viagra – Students in The Stupid North of England are taking recreational drugs that actually make their brains harder. For longer. Apparently it’s good for headbutting stuff and, in these times of Austerity, is a practical replacement for an expensive hammer.
  • Bomb suspect can have UK passport back, rules judges – They went on to say ‘but we’re keeping the bomb’.

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4 thoughts on “Ed Snowden is a prick 2: Back in the habit

  1. I did some research on Megalomania. That seems to be a common desease around people in political power. It is quite possible that those affected assume they act entirely on behalf of the common folks. Corruption and ignorance are not far away.

    1. Hi Helmut, thanks for the comment.

      Totally agree. As long as they can point to a few examples that make their ideas valid, they feel they’re fine to rip holes into all kind of human rights laws.

      1. It’s okay – the Tories have been yammering on about repealing that pesky human rights act since they’ve been in power.

      2. Yeah, it seems to be one of those ‘liberal ideals’ that has no place in a good old fashioned Tory society.

        Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

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